How Are We Surviving Musician and DJ Survey
Thank you for taking time to tell us your story in the HOW ARE WE SURVIVING survey. In an unprecedented year, and with the exhaustion of the first wave of relief programs, we are reaching out to learn how you have been managing these past six months, what has been helpful, and what you will need going forward.

Information from this survey will be delivered to city, state, and federal representatives. Question? email us at
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Which of these is true? *
How many paid live performances would you have in a typical year before the pandemic?
Clear selection
Roughly how much of your annual income typically comes from the following sources? *
Work under musicians union contract
Musical work NOT under musicians union contract
Nonmusical work (day jobs)
What was your approximate average annual income (all sources) before the pandemic? (optional - but it's very helpful!)
Roughly what percentage of your total income (all sources) has been lost due to the pandemic? (1 = 0%, 2 = 25%, 3 = 50%, 4 = 75%, = 100%) *
My income is exactly the same
My income has been completely lost
Which of these programs did you directly apply for, and were successful in receiving benefits from?
I applied for this
I received this
I am currently depending on this today
Did not apply
Regular unemployment
Pandemic unemployment
PPP loan for your music business
Rent relief/abatement
Food bank/community food programs
MusiCares Covid relief fund
Actors fund relief fund
Artist relief fund
Other relief fund
If you received money from a different relief fund, or if you were hired by an organization that had federal relief money to spend on artist fees, tell us more about that here.
How many virtual performances have you done since the lockdown?
Can you tell us about a typical virtual performance experience during the pandemic? Is the event ticketed? Who markets it? Were you paid? Was it a livestream only or is there an archive online?
How many live performances have you done since the lockdown?
Can you tell us about your live performance experience during the pandemic? Did you have to travel to get there? Did you feel safe? Were you well compensated? Was it outdoors or indoors?
Which of these is true for you?
How important are the following things to you right now? *
Low Priority
Medium priority
High priority
Not Applicable
Extension of regular unemployment benefits beyond December 31, 2020
Return of pandemic enhanced unemployment benefits ($600 extra / week)
Rent relief
Food assistance
Job boards
Job and skills training
Access to a lawyer
Access to low interest or no interest loans
Finding cheaper health insurance
What is your current ZIP Code? *
If you moved, what was your ZIP Code before the pandemic? (Optional)
Please identify your gender (select all that apply)
Please identify your race and ethnicity (select all that apply)
How old are you?
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What genres do you work in, and what instrument or specialties?
Name (optional)
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Notes or Comments?
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