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Invest in the TrueSchool teams of your choice. You are part of our “crowd-investment” approach: we are distributing decision-making for how these funds are invested. We believe educators and local community members know best. We want you to decide where this money goes, based on your review of TrueSchool Blueprints in your state.

Remember, you can invest in one team, or distribute your $50 among several teams! The choice is yours! Consider which ideas and teams have the greatest potential for enduring student impact.

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To micro-invest in a TrueSchool Blueprint for a School Design Team, simply check the corresponding checkbox in the chart below.
Please be sure your micro-investments total $50 exactly.
FOUR OAKS - CORE Literacy Balanced and Centered on Student Success
HAVELOCK - Inclusion/Project-Based Model for ALL Students
A.H. BANGERT - A Two Part Program to Close the Equity Gap
OVERTON - Needs-based Plan to Address Staff and Student Wellness
COKER-WIMBERLY - K-2 Literacy Day Protocol
MICRO - #MicroReads Empowering a Love of Reading
B.H. THARRINGTON - "Rise and Shine" to Build Excitement and Engagement
TRENT PARK - Parent Academy for Home to School Connection
J.T. BARBER - Half-Day Club to Build Positive Relationships
WALNUT CREEK - Rigorous, Vertically Aligned Literacy Program for Student Collaboration
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