Summer Play Programmer - Book a Play Date
Leisure Activities is the theme for our summer play program this year. Leisure sampling throughout childhood leads to an ability to create meaningful leisure experiences into adulthood that contribute to one’s wellbeing.
Our Summer Play Programmers will act as the “special guest” and bring a 2-hour high quality play program for children ages 6-12 to communities throughout our Parkland Valley Sport, Culture and Recreation District. Using the Leisure Activities theme, they will showcase a variety of active games and sports, promote the importance of community and culture, and finish with a nifty craft.
Bring our Summer Play Programmers to your already running summer program as the “special guest,” or for smaller communities, allow our Summer Play Programmers to bring an action packed 2 hours of fun and learning.
Hosts may include museums, libraries, municipalities, rec boards, regional parks or a partnership between the above mentioned.
This program is FREE to communities within our Parkland Valley SCR District.
Play Dates times are available to book 1pm-3pm, Mon-Fri throughout July and August.
All SHA COVID-19 guidelines will be followed.
Please list your top 3 dates for our Summer Play Programmers to visit your community. We will get to everyone at least once, and if time, we will try and return again. *
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