Thank you so much for your interest in representing A. Rowe Designs! Please fill out the questionnaire if you meet the following requirements and we will notify you within two weeks if you have been accepted.
1. You must love A. Rowe Designs products
2. You Must have at least 1000 followers on Instagram
3. You must be a College Student
4. You must be an ACTIVE member of your sorority
5. You must be active on Facebook and Instagram (other social media is a plus)
6. Be willing to post, share and tag #arowedesigns content regularly
7. Be on the lookout for new designs for your sorority

Brand reps have the unique ability to come up with ideas exclusively for your sorority, they will be required to post links to pre-orders on their sorority pages.

You will be rewarded every time someone uses your code! Rewards include shop discounts and even payment for your time!

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