2021.03.08 - Immanuel Mt. Kato Trip (4-9pm)
We hope you can join us for an enjoyable time at Mt. Kato! This is an amazing group deal!

-This trip is intended for anyone (school, church, family, friends, young and old alike).
-You MUST sign up and pay our school secretary, Mrs. Harris by NOON on Monday, Mar. 8th ($20 for both lift/rental)! Checks should be made out to ILS School (drop off or mail in).
-You MUST have a waver filled out for each person and handed or mailed in to Amanda by NOON on Monday!
Single person form: https://www.mountkato.com/uploadIMG/moxie/Single-Mount-Kato-Day-Pass-Release.pdf
Multi person form: https://www.mountkato.com/uploadIMG/moxie/Multi-Mount-Kato-Day-Pass-release.pdf
Or go to: https://www.mountkato.com/forms-waivers#gsc.tab=0

-Lord willing, we will plan to have identifiable arm markers available.
-Meet at Mt. Kato parking lot at 3:30pm and get your lift tickets from Pastor Neal.
-If you have any questions - please call or text Pastor Neal (920) 268-8002

Hope you can make it!
Full Name *
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Emergency Cell Number *
RENTAL - *NOTE Switch Fee: $5 is charged each time for switching from one type of rental to another (this is NOT included in your payment price). *
PAYMENT - I agree to pay the school secretary this amount by NOON the day of event in order to attend with the group (checks made out to ILS School). *
PARENTAL CONSENT - by checking "Yes" below I am giving consent to attend this group outing. I recognize the potential hazards of this event and will not hold anyone accountable for accidental injury. *
PHOTO CONSENT - I give permission to use any group photos to promote future ski trips. *
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