Return To Play Evaluation (Parent/ Guardian Version)
Howard County TERPS Football and Cheer needs your feedback.
With our league cancelling it's season we are looking for alternatives to help keep our student athletes active.
We will be surveying parents, board members, coaches, and players. Each survey will be labeled for certain audience so please read title before filling out. To ensure a safe return we hope you all reply and take your time answering all the questions. If you would like to share feelings or thoughts in more detail please send a direct email to

Email address *
How comfortable do you feel about returning to Football/Cheer? *
Not Comfortable At All
Very Comfortable
What procedures would you like to see implemented to ensure safety during an activity?
Does your child have their own mask? *
Are you able to provide your own Football/Cheer? *
What factors or regulations would need to be in place for your team(s) to consider play? *
On a scale of 1-5, How comfortable would you feel about a temperature check each session prior to participating? *
Not Comfortable At All
Very Comfortable
Would you be okay with a "Phase Plan" to begin mild contact? (This would be a ladder plan of when contact will be allowed) *
How soon would you be okay to start workouts & conditioning? *
Are you willing to volunteer or can provide a representative for the program? *With COVID still around, we are in extreme need of various volunteer help. Please highly consider*
Clear selection
Does your child have an active email account? If so please type below and if not please respond with an active email to send player surveys to.
What grade will your child be in 2020-21 school year? If multiple children in the program just check all that apply.
If not volunteering are you willing to stay in your vehicle or leave the activity until complete? *
Any additional comments, suggestions, or concerns?
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