Bruce Grey Refugee and Newcomer Programs, Services & Groups
This form was created to collect NEW information about all groups, organizations and programs, formal and informal, that are doing work to help/support refugees and newcomers in Bruce and Grey Counties.

This information will be updated continually, made available through an online directory, and provided to community stakeholders to assist with coordination of activities and services for refugees.

Description of Group
Please let us know all relevant information about your group, and what the group is doing or planning on doing to support refugees.
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Agencies Involved with the Group
If applicable, what local organizations are involved in this group?
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Service Area
What communities or counties does your group intend to serve?
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Does your group have any websites or social media links that you would like to share?
Please copy all links below - the more information the better!
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Primary Contact for Public Information *
Who can the public contact to get more information about your group? Please include Name, title (if relevant), phone and email information if available.
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Contact Person for 2-1-1 Updating (If different from Primary Contact above)
This would be the person that we could contact when we need to update our information about your group. If this is the same as the contact person listed above, you do not need to enter that information again.
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