Trinity High School Parents/Guardians Survey 2017
Hello Parents and Guardians. As part of Trinity High School's accreditation process, we need to have a parent survey completed by all of you. Thank you for your time and efforts completing this survey. The survey is to be returned no later than May 18. To take this online go to and click the Parent Survey link.
I am the parent or guardian of a (check all that apply)
I have access to the Internet at home and/or work.
The best way to communicate with our family is by
I receive information regarding my student and activities at Trinity High from the following.
I feel as a parent/guardian that THS includes me as an active partner in the teaching and learning process.
I am aware of the graduation requirements for my student.
There is a sufficient variety of classes offered to meet my student's academic goals.
I am generally pleased with my child's class schedule and course offerings.
My child is provided with challenging curriculum that pushes him/her to think critically and problem solve.
I feel my child is being provided with adequate guidance and instruction to have the skills needed to be successful in college, a training program, or a job after high school.
It is common for my child to bring home a syllabus (course information packet) from each teacher at the beginning of the year/ semester that provides basic information on the course, grading policies, etc.
My child's classes require him/her to regularly complete assignments, projects or homework outside of school hours.
The amount of homework my student has every night is
My student is worried or stressed about school and/or grades.
Teachers respond to my communication (phone call, email, voicemail) in a timely manner.
I feel informed about tutoring and academic support available to my child outside of class? (i.e. tutoring, support classes, programs).
I feel that my child's teachers offer extra assistance when my child needs it.
I monitor my child's academic progress through PowerSchool (online system available to parents to review their child's grades and attendance.)
I support my child’s learning at home by
Overall, I am pleased with the academic program and support services provided to my child at Trinity High School.
Systems and programs are in place that connect my student to different backgrounds, learning styles, and school interests (such as music, clubs, sports, school activities).
Social media impacts my student's education at THS.
THS is a safe place that nurtures learning.
Trinity's administrative team is supportive of our family.
School facilities are clean and well maintained.
Overall THS has a student culture that is characterized by trust and respect.
My child is safe going to and from Trinity High School
I would recommend Trinity High School to other families.
Overall, the school has a positive public image
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