AP-LS Campus Rep Application
Use this form to apply to represent your school as a campus representative for the American Psychology-Law Society Student Committee. Upon submission of this form please email us at APLSCampusRep@gmail.com.
Name (first and last): *
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School email address: *
Full name of school: *
Type of program you attend (e.g. Clinical Psychology): *
Degree being pursued: *
Anticipated year of graduation (must be able to stay in the position for one year): *
Are you a student member of AP-LS? *
Do you agree to all of the responsibilities and duties required of Campus Representatives listed on the AP-LS Student Committee website? *
Please tell us why you think you would be a good Campus Representative for your school: *
What goals do you wish to accomplish as Campus Representative for your school? *
What suggestions do you have (if any) for the APLS Student Committee, to increase student/campus representative engagement?
Please provide the name (first and last) and email address of your Faculty Sponsor: *
Do you confirm that all of the above information is true and that if selected as a campus representative, you will perform the duties required of you? If you are unable to perform the duties at any time during your term, please let the Campus Representative Coordinator know. *
Thank you for completing this form. Please email the Campus Representative Coordinator at aplscampusrep@gmail.com.
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