BRH Student Dorm Contract
Living in the Dorm is a privilege, not a right. Being a responsible resident, a team player, and showing respect for our values creates the beautiful environment of a “Home away from Home.”
In order to ensure the safe and smooth operation of the Dorm, the rules contained in the handbook must and will be strictly upheld. Your signature on this contract indicates your willingness to become an integral part of the Bais Rivkah Home Community.
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Student Name *
I understand that the Dorm Mother and Dorm Counselors are the authorities in the dorm. I will abide by their decisions. *
I will dress appropriately and tzniusly. *
I will be at the Dorm in time for curfew each night. *
I will comply with the technology policies including filtering my phone and keeping my phone outside my bedroom at night. I understand that an IT expert will check my phone and install whatever is required as per Dorm policy *
I will only watch or listen to appropriate Jewish content. *
I am responsible to keep my personal belongings and space tidy and clean. *
I will complete my Dorm jobs responsibly and in a timely fashion. *
I will respect Dorm property and understand that I will be held accountable for any damages to Dorm property. *
I understand that babysitting jobs must be approved by my parents. All Dorm rules including weekly jobs and curfew apply even when babysitting. *
I understand that the Hanhala of the Dorm reserves the right to inspect all property and belongings to ensure that only safe and appropriate content is on our premises. Any unauthorized device, books or substance etc. will be confiscated, and parents will be informed. *
I understand that the room I am placed in will remain my room for the duration of the year. I will do my best to get along and respect my room mates to ensure maximum success, with the support of the Dorm Staff. *
I have read the Student Handbook and agree to abide by the rules. I understand that failure to comply may result in suspension or expulsion from the dorm. Please sign and date: *
To be signed and dated by the Parents: We have read the handbook and both Parents and Student Resident agree to the terms laid out. *
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