Community Compost Network Application (CLOSED)
*ATTENTION* Community Compost Network Application is now *CLOSED*

Thank you so much to everyone who applied for FarmPhilly's Community Compost Network. Applications are now closed, but we encourage you to submit your information below if you would like to be considered in the event we have a second round of applications.

Please email us at if you have any questions.

Happy composting!
The FarmPhilly Team


The City of Philadelphia’s Greenworks Sustainability Plan and Zero Waste and Litter Action Plan call for expanded opportunities for residents to compost organic waste. Diverting organic material out of landfills will be a crucial part of Philadelphia’s commitment to zero waste. Composting not only helps keep organic matter out of landfills where it contributes to harmful greenhouse gases that cause climate change, but composting also converts waste into valuable soil amendments, keeps waste in a local closed-loop system, and engages communities through education and participation.

To support Philadelphia residents in becoming more aware and engaged in local composting efforts, the City of Philadelphia is developing a Community Compost Network that would serve 20-25 sites in Philadelphia. Modeled after the successful program in Washington DC’s Parks and Recreation Department, the Philadelphia program will identify 20-25 city-owned urban agriculture/community garden/recreation/school sites throughout the city to install a community-scale composting system. City-owned land being used by groups would be the best fit to host a system, but private property would be acceptable as long as a group has permission from the owner. We would also accept fully preserved gardens, for example gardens within the Neighborhood Garden Trust.

The Community Compost Network program is made possible through a partnership of City agencies, including the Office of Sustainability (OOS), Zero Waste and Litter Cabinet (The Cabinet) and the Philadelphia Parks and Recreation (PPR), and funding from Comcast that was awarded in 2018.

• Building capacity of residents to engage in community composting and host workshops on the importance of responsible solid waste disposal and the environmental advantages of composting

• Supporting neighborhoods to reduce their waste and increase their recycling rate

• Sharing best practices for the management of the composting systems

• Collecting data on each composting system and the food scraps contributed & fertilizer generated

Community composting happens when neighbors bring together their food and yard waste to make new soil locally in their neighborhoods. Community composting can serve residents typically for free or low cost, and this community-based effort fosters a culture of environmental and social well being in the city.

• Community and civic organizations
• Schools
• Community gardens and farms
• Neighborhood spaces

Someone looking to start a composting business. This program is intended to support groups that want to provide a community benefit, it is not intended to help start a business or gain capital.

You must submit your application (Google Form) by 11:59pm on June 28th, 2019.

Optionally you may submit your application (please print the Google Form) by mail:
Send your hard copy application to the address below to be delivered by June 28th, 2019 (not postmarked by this date).

Mailing Address:
Philadelphia Parks and Recreation Department
RE: Community Compost Network Application
1515 Arch St. 10th Floor Philadelphia, PA 19102
Attn: Farm Philly Program

Please email us at:

Zero Waste and Litter Cabinet:
Twitter: @CleanPHL

Philadelphia Food Policy Advisory Council:
Twitter: @PhillyFPAC

Philadelphia Office of Sustainability
Twitter: @GreenworksPhila

Philadelphia Parks and Recreation
Twitter: @PhilaParkandRec
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Application Questions
1. Who is your community? (e.g. renters/home owners, immigrants, youth/elders, place of worship, BIPOC (Black, Brown, Indigenous, People of Color), business owners) *
2. How do you connect with your community? *
3. Please describe in detail why you want to participate in the Community Compost Network Program? Why is composting important to you/your community? *
If you already operate a community compost site, please describe how your community could benefit from this program?
4. Where on the site can the community composting system be located? (e.g near the entryway, along fencing, etc.) Is the location accessible to the public? *
5. Who will manage the community composting system, including maintenance and programming? Does this person(s) have any formal composting training? Will they need support? *
6. How will your site coordinate volunteers? What will their tasks include? How many hours do you anticipate they will spend managing the system? *
7. Please describe in detail the target audience participating in the Community Compost Network Program. How will you engage them? How many people do you intend to serve through this program? *
8. Once your system generates compost, what will you do with it? How will you distribute it? *
9. How will you financially maintain the compost system and program beyond the Community Compost Network Program? *
10. Other than English, what language(s) does your community speak? Does your site have translators or resources to support the translation of materials? *
11. Does your site have the ability to host volunteer workdays to maintain your compost system? How will you do this? *
12. Can you guarantee that the composting system will be managed daily and weekly? How? *
Issues such as odor may come up with neighbors when maintaining compost systems.
13. If issues or complaints arise (internally and externally), how will you attempt to fix the problem (e.g. schedule turning the compost, attend neighborhood meetings)? *
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