Yogi Re Volunteering

We are looking for a few committed yogis!

If you find yourself saying a big yes to all the points listed below, then we would love to hear from you 😊 You can then please fill the form below

1. You have been deeply touched by Sadhguru and what he has to offer
2. You do your sadhana everyday - since this has transformed you and sadhana has become a part of your life that you can't do without
3. You are looking at how to make every act in your life as sadhana - in your mind there is no difference between work and sadhana, every act is a step for your growth
4. You are full of energy and eager to learn and do whatever needed to touch many more people's lives deeply
5. You are bursting with ideas and enthusiasm and want to come up with new ways to profoundly touch people
6. You are very committed to whatever you take up - no excuses list!
7. You work on self start and not push start - so no follow ups required for you!
8. You would be be happy to join the Yogi Re team and volunteer to help in its efforts to bring at least an element of being a yogi in everyone's life
If the above points resonates with you and stirs something from within, do get in touch with us soon, we can take in only a few volunteers!

The only perk you get is that your activity can not only be a means to transform you deeply but also touch countless other lives deeply 🌺

Please fill the form below if you are keen.
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Have you done any Isha yoga programs? If yes pls list them along with year if you remember *
Have you volunteered earlier or currently volunteering with Isha? If you can mention about your volunteering exposure with Isha or other organizations in some detail it could help. *
Can you please let us know about your educational qualification? *
Can you please let us know about your work experience if you have - how many years, which field, role, company etc? *
What work/activity are you into currently? Pls mention if you are currently working, unemployed or housewife etc *
Can you please paste links to your social profile if you have? For example - links to your facebook profile, instagram, Linkedin, twitter etc.It will be nice if you can pls post links to all social networks that you may be in. *
Any particular skill sets or work that you are good at and feel you can contribute with?For example content writing, social media marketing, web designing, web development, UI/UX design, video editing, graphic designing, etc. If you wanted to assist with translations pls mention which languages you are most comfortable with. *
If you have any previous work samples/portfolio of whatever field you would like to contribute with, kindly do share the links here if any or can send it to us separately *
How much time approx can you volunteer in a day? Full time or part-time? Please mention about your time availability/flexibility in some detail. *
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