What Are You #ProudToBe ?
The Proud to Be video highlighted many of the words we use to describe ourselves … we all are proud to be different things and not one of us is a mascot.

We want to provide a place for everyone to share what they are “proud to be.” To do that, we are asking people to make signs, take pictures, and submit them for an online scrapbook.

By collecting photos, we will be clearly illustrating how many people are behind the effort to change the name. We will also be highlighting how this is not just a Native American project – many non-Native people are supportive as well.

Native peoples are encouraged to simply use #ProudToBe and their own word choice on their sign. Non-Native participants are encouraged to use #ProudToBe Standing With #NotYourMascot to show their support of the movement and to identify themselves as an ally of our community.

This photo collection will show exactly how many people are against the R-word and that it isn’t just a small group. It will show how beautiful, talented, modern, and diverse Indian Country is and that we are not caricatures. We are so many things but we are not your mascot.

Email ProudToBe@ncai.org with any questions.
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