Social Ventures- potential partner survey
This survey provides Social Ventures with basic information about who you are as a funder, so we can maximize the value of your potential interactions with the collective. All shared information is confidential or only shared with others in the collective with explicit permission.
Looking across your portfolio of philanthropic investments, what are the issues you focus on? Why?
When you are considering a gift to an organization, do you have a process for assessing the opportunity? If so, what are the factors you consider? Who is involved in making the decisions?
How do you decide on the overall value of your philanthropic portfolio annually and over the long term?
Do you have areas of interest you have not acted upon? Why? In a perfect world, what would you like to have deeper knowledge about?
Would you value being part of a learning community of funders with shared interests?
prefer to learn/act alone
seeking collaboration
Clear selection
Would you consider allocating a portion of your philanthropic portfolio to investments in social entrepreneurs and a systems change innovation?
Less than 20%
Clear selection
Would you consider investing your time and expertise to support a social entrepreneur with a viable systems change strategy?
Clear selection
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