2019 ENGAGE Council Leadership Position Application
Each year, ENGAGE holds elections for Leadership positions. Elections are decided based on the answers to this application and after brief informational interview calls with interested applicants. A Steering Committee of five Leadership Council members make the final decisions for each of the open positions.


ENGAGE is comprised of next generation individuals aged 18-35 who care about Wyoming, whether they’re a life-long resident, new to the state, or living elsewhere throughout the world. The power of the movement is with those making impacts in their communities through the avenues they are passionate about - economic growth and diversification, community revitalization or enhancement, civic engagement, lobbying and policy, or any other means that strengthens quality of life and the longevity of our beloved state.

The ENGAGE leadership team was created to bridge the gap between the voices of the next generation and those taking action in Wyoming today and is comprised of 15 individuals elected into positions with the specific charge to 1) coordinate and host an annual event focused on connecting next generations with each other, information, and resources, 2) share information on available resources and opportunities, 3) facilitate participation on State-level boards and committees to increase ENGAGE-age representation, and 4) collect insights and data from the ENGAGE demographic and share as appropriate to help inform decisions and direction at state and local levels.

The ENGAGE leadership team is not the front lines of direct community action. We do not lobby or participate directly in policy making. Our main focus is to empower the front lines by leveraging resources, information, platforms and connections to the benefit of all. Really, it’s every next generation person out there who has a passion for Wyoming that we advocate for, and seek to try to break down as many barriers as we can to amplify the end results

The Appointment process is guided by our Bylaws, which state:

A. Composition of the ENGAGE Leadership Council. A Leadership Council, consisting of not more than fifteen (15) voting members, shall govern the ENGAGE Council. Other non-voting volunteers of the body at large of ENGAGE may be appointed at the sole discretion of the outgoing ENGAGE Council.

B. Appointment. A steering committee of no more than five (5) existing members of the ENGAGE Leadership Council shall appoint the above described fifteen (15) voting member of the ENGAGE Leadership Council.

C. Qualifications. The members shall be selected from the age range eighteen to thirty-five (18-35) upon the start of the term of service and represent existing, new, and emerging economic sectors or subsectors or areas of education and persons with a passion for Wyoming and those who are invested the future of the State of Wyoming.

This year in 2019, the following positions are up for Appointment:

- Vice President
- Chief of Marketing
- Chief of Strategy
- Chief of Outreach
- Deputy Chief of Outreach
- Deputy Chief of Data Management
- Deputy Chief of Planning
- Deputy Chief of Logistics

For a description of what each of these positions roles and responsibilities are, please review our bylaws at XXX.

We encourage everyone to continue serving, advocating, and participating in the ways they feel most passionate, regardless of appointment.
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