The GESA MAKERS FAIR is a Science and Technology Exhibition and Competition organized by CREATIVITY GROUP KNUST in association with the GHANA ENGINEERING STUDENTS' ASSOCIATION.
It is opened to all students pursuing undergraduate degree programmes in the College of Engineering, KNUST.

The aim of GESA MAKERS FAIR is:
To encourage innovation, creativity and develop a problem-solving mindset among engineering students in KNUST.

o To create a platform for creative students with brilliant ideas to showcase their ideas to potential investors, entrepreneurs and influential people in industry. o To create a platform where students can apply the knowledge they obtain in the classroom in a practical way. o To encourage collaborative problem solving among engineering students.

o To bring together like-minded people and form a community of such people to make sharing of information and resources easier.

GESA MAKERS FAIR 2014 is in two parts namely:
• The exhibition.
• The competition.

You can choose to participate in either the exhibition or the competition.