Coding Club/Camp Request Form
Review the details @ to understand the big picture first before filling out this form. If you need any clarifications to fill this form, feel free to email

We are accepting requests for all days & all clubs at this time. If your school is far away (more than 1 hour driving distance from UT Dallas), consider having the club on Saturdays if possible. AfterSchool Clubs are NOT limited to schools - we can run them in other locations including private homes. Email to start the discussion.

We have decided to offer FREE Coding Clubs in Spring 2019 thanks to generous sponsors (State Farm, Rockwell Collins & Mark Cuban Foundation), we want you to take the following responsibilities to make the club successful & maximize the value of sponsorship.

1. School should do its own registration - Select your club participants carefully. A typical coding club has 20-30 students with 2-3 instructors. We can provide an initial flyer that you can modify and use for distribution.
2. Here are a few proven options:
a. Each teacher can nominate a few sincere students.
b. Ask the students to submit an application form.
c. Charge a small fee ($10-$25) to make them have a skin in the game. School can use this fee to compensate for the teacher OR buy a computer/resources for the lab.
3. Almost all coding clubs require a PC/laptop for each participant. Computer labs are ideal places to run clubs in most schools.
4. Let us know the registration count few days before the club start date, then we will assign the instructors and provide you the contact information. We will also satisfy the necessary online criminal background check requirements required by most ISDs.
5. We want a school teacher or a volunteer to take care of pickup, dropoff & kids' discipline issues in the classroom. Our instructors are in-charge only for the instruction, NOT supervision of kids.
6. We want the most students to continue for all the weeks. If we see the big drop-off in attendance, we reserve the right to cancel the club, since it is not the best use of sponsorship dollars.

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Your relationship with the school *
Principal, Teacher, PTA president, etc. If you are a parent and you are interested to bring our clubs to your school, please write to your school or PTA and ask them to contact us. If you want to run your own private club, just say Private. Thanks!
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If it will be at a school, please enter the school name & ISD. Otherwise, enter the address.
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For example, if you want to run one Elementary club & one middle school club, select Level 1 and Level 2. Based on the past experience, we do not recommend Level 0 clubs since majority of these young kids are too tired to think in the evenings.
Select your preferred days of the week for clubs / select the days for the camp *
If you want to run multiple clubs & cannot accommodate them on one day, please select multiple days.
Specify the timing for the club / camp *
Clubs typically 1 hour, right after the school, like 3-4pm, however we encourage far-away schools to run longer duration with less # of sessions. For camps, morning session is typically 9am-12noon & afternoon session is typically 1-4pm.
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Typically most schools do 10 sessions for AfterSchool Clubs, few schools run 12, few others ran 6-8 sessions, others run for all weeks of the semester. If you start late in the semester, we may have to limit to 8 sessions - we prefer NOT to do clubs in December due to semester exams in UT Dallas. For Coding Camps, specify the # of days.
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Requires minimum 2-3 weeks notice...
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See the descriptions @ and one page flyers for several ones @ All clubs need PCs or laptops unless specified otherwise. Most of these are Coding Clubs, MaKey MaKey kit is Engg club & 2 robotics clubs are there too.
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Direct payment through UTD website is recommended. It is required for custom clubs/camps.
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