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About Refer Me Group
Refer Me Group started in 2013-2014 with the concept of helping each other as in professional world. This is the platform where we create personal professional network. Now we have groomed to 80000+ IT professionals from various background, experiences and locations.

As a Refer Me Group member we have trust on each member like a family that’s the reason in our mail we say Refer Me Group family.

If you are part of Refer Me feel proud to be called as Referme-ian.

This group is consisting of tester/developers/Support/Management from different background in terms of their experience/ domain and expertise from several part of India.

400+ ISTQB Certified
40+ SAFe Certified Professionals
75+ CSM Certified
3500+ Professionals Trained across Globe
10000+ hours of Teaching

Tester Ke Chaupaal
Webinars on leading Technologies and Tool
Career Advise
Online Workshops

Agile Digest
Multiple HR/Job Consultants whom we share resumes without any fee under program 'Precede'

We do
Reply 30+ Mails Daily
Share 3000+ Jobs on our Google Group
Add members in Google Group
Share knowledge, Flyers on LinkedIn, Twitter

Social Platform
Google Group
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