A&P, YP, Ayurveda Transfer Credit Request Form

Please submit this form as one part of your Transfer Credit Request process. Note the other required components and be certain to send them to the office, as well as the fee (payable at www.pryt.com/registration). Your request will not be considered until all applicable documents are received. Please read the detailed requirements on this page before moving on to fill out the form on page 2 -- don't miss the second page!

Requirements for a course to be considered for transfer credit:

• Course must have been taken at an accredited school. Qualifying accreditations are:
o IAYT accredited yoga program
o Yoga Alliance accredited 300 or 500 hour yoga program (hours completed during a 200hr training are not eligible)
o accredited college or university
• All courses must meet for a minimum of the same number of hours as the equivalent PRYT course. Please see Charts below for details of course content and hours for each course.
• Courses not completed satisfactorily will not be considered for transfer credit. Confirmation of satisfactory completion must be provided with application for credit.
• Courses must have been completed within the past 5 years. Courses completed more than 5 years ago are not transferrable. If you believe that special circumstances may warrant granting such credit, please explain in your application.
• Courses completed as part of a 200 hr yoga teacher training program are not transferrable.
• Distance learning or online only courses are not transferrable.
• You may apply a maximum of 2 courses of transfer credit toward any one PRYT Certification.

Instructions for applying for transfer credit:

1. Pay the $75 Transfer Credit Request Fee at www.pryt.com/registration or by calling the office at 802-453-6444.
2. Fill in the Transfer Credit Request Form on the following page. Complete a separate form for each course for which you are requesting transfer credit.
3. Obtain the following Supporting Documentation:
o Official Course completion certificate or letter indicating your name, course title & dates, and school. (REQUIRED)
o Competencies and hours listing. These need to be equivalent to the content and hours indicated below. Fill in and send the appropriate chart in support of your request. (REQUIRED)
o Course syllabus or schedule.
o Copy of school catalog page or web listing for that course. Does not need to be the exact dates on which you took the course, simply proof that that school does (or did) teach that course.
4. Submit the Transfer Request and Supporting Documentation to:
o registrar@pryt.com or PRYT, POB 200, Bristol VT 05443
5. If your Transfer Credit Request is not approved, you are expected to enroll in the appropriate course required for your Certification.
6. In some cases, partial credit may be awarded and extra work may be required. If additional work is needed to meet minimum hours or competencies, an Academic Credit Assessment Fee of $195 will be required to cover faculty review of that work. The $75 Transfer Credit Request Fee will be counted as credit toward that fee, if applicable.

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    Yoga Philosophy Content & Hours

    PLEASE NOTE: this course has changed as of May 2016 and a new chart is being developed. The total required hours will be 45 going forward.

    Anatomy & Physiology Course Content & Hours

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    Ayurveda Course Content & Hours

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