Wednesday's Exit Ticket (3/25)
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The charge for skating is $6.35 for skate rental, 1 1/3 hours of skating at $18 per hour, and an additional $1 fee. What is the total cost (c)for skating? *
Cora is packing two suitcases for her vacation. The first suitcase weighs 24 1/2 pounds. The total weight of the suitcases is 49 3/4 pounds. What is the weight of the second suitcase? *
Henry and Hayden made signs for their school spirit week. Henry made a sign that is 3 1/2 feet long. Hayden made a sign that is 5/6 as long as Henry's sign. How long is the sign Hayden made? *
Katie volunteered a total of 72 hours over the last 12 weeks. If she volunteered the same number of hours each week, how many hours did tie volunteer in one week? *
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