2017 WHSAA Track and Field Rules Exam
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1. In the discus throw, it is a foul if a competitor:
2. Which of the following criteria must be met for a shot to be legal?
3. In the pole vault, which of the following is not a foul?
4. In pole vault, a competitor who has passed three consecutive heights and has not attempted a jump in the competition but is entering at this height shall be allowed two minutes of warm-up without the crossbar in place.
5. The field referee or the head field judge shall:
6. In the high jump, it is a foul if the competitor:
7. In the long and triple jumps, one anemometer (wind instrument) is required and shall be placed:
8. In throwing events, the prescribed time limit for a trial begins when:
9. A pole vaulter has legally and clearly successfully completed an attempt. The crossbar is displaced by a force disassociated with the competitor. The proper ruling is:
10. Upon the completion of a throw, the competitor must remain in the circle or on the approach until the event official determines "fair or foul" by using a flag or verbal indication.
11. Duties of an umpire include:
12. Time limits for competitors to be excused to compete in another event shall be determined by the:
13. At the conclusion of the preliminary rounds of a field event requiring preliminaries and finals, two competitors tie for the final spot to advance into the finals. The result of this tie is:
14. It is highly recommended that all throwing event landing sectors be cordoned off, roped, fenced or flagged:
15. When a competitor's best performance during vertical jumping events occurs during a jump-off for first place:
16. Electronic devices may be used:
17. Unsporting conduct may include:
18. Forming heats, drawing lanes and determining the number of competitors to qualify in each heat shall be done by the games committee with the assistance of the referee and the:
19. Which of the following can be legally worn by a competitor in track and field and cross country?
20. In field events, if a legal implement breaks during a trial in accordance with the rules, no penalty shall be counted against the competitor and a replacement trial shall be awarded.
21. After results have been announced, or made official in that event, appeals regarding a misapplication of the rules shall be filed no later than:
22. When fully automatic timing (FAT) is used, there shall be a minimum of ____ appointed officials to operate the timing system and evaluate finish line video/pictures.
23. Which of the following may not automatically result in a disqualification?
24. Which of the following special events may be included in the order of events?
25. Each competitor in the long and triple jumps shall be allowed three preliminary trials. Those qualifying will be allowed how many additional attempts in the finals?
26. The score of a forfeited dual meet shall be:
27. The head event judge shall be responsible for:
28. Which of the following actions by a competitor would not result in disqualification?
29. An acceleration zone may be used:
30. In the 4x400-meter relay, outgoing runners:
31. In a meet requiring preliminaries and finals, relay Team A has advanced to the finals. Which contestants may compete in the finals?
32. Unfair acts resulting in disqualification in track and field may include:
33. In the case of a tie in the team score in cross country, the tie is broken by:
34. A pass is used to forego a trial and is not considered a trial.
35. In all jumping events, the head event judge may signal a trial “fair” or “foul” by:
36. The javelin can be constructed of metal or other suitable material, including wood.
37. The recommended width of the takeoff board for horizontal jumps is:
38. All starting blocks used in running events shall be inspected by:
39. A competitor finishes a cross country race when:
40. In the shot, it is a foul if the competitor:
41. Regarding appeals for alleged misapplication of the rules:
42. In both the high jump and the pole vault, a competitor who has passed three consecutive heights and has not attempted a jump in the competition, but is entering at this height shall be allowed two minutes of warm-up without the crossbar in place.
43. In the pole vault, if improperly fastened supports slip downward when the vaulter contacts the crossbar, the head event judge shall:
44. Which of the following may be placed on a track and field or cross country uniform top?
45. Clerical or team scoring errors may be corrected up to:
46. In the high jump, the competitor clears the crossbar, but causes it to vibrate. Which of the following would result in the jump being called fair?
47. After passing the baton, the relieved competitor should stand still or jog straight ahead and step off the track when clear.
48. To accommodate those competitors who may be excused to participate in other events, the head judge may change the order of competition in preliminary or final rounds of any throwing or jumping event. Successive trials is one such method.
49. In cross country, a finish corral is recommended when a transponder system is used for order of finish.
50. During competition when placing the crossbar in the high jump back on the standards following an unsuccessful trial, it is not necessary to place it in the same position on the standards as original placement at the start of the meet.
51. In all field events, actions by a competitor cannot be declared a foul after the official has ruled the trial fair unless there is an immediate correction of a mistaken action by the official.
52. It is permissible for a competitor in the pole vault to request the plant box padding be removed before the vaulter initiates the trial.
53. A competitor observed wearing an illegal uniform shall be:
54. In cross country, a competitor who alters an assigned contestant number and/or computerized transponder(s) that may interfere with recording place finish shall result in disqualification from the race. The referee may address irregularities causing the number or chip to be altered.
55. In the discus throw, a thrown implement is in-bounds if it lands:
56. In the pole vault, at the vaulter's direction, a designated pole catcher from the vaulter's school may tend the pole to prevent it from falling onto the ground, but never to prevent the pole from dislodging the crossbar.
57. The games committee may consist of:
58. The games committee may determine the time at which field events shall terminate.
59. The games committee has the authority to determine time limitations or number of warm-up opportunities in the field events.
60. While in the coaching box, a coach may use which of the following when consulting with a competitor between attempts?
61. The meet director shall serve as the official representative of host meet management.
62. The referee’s duties include:
63. The starter shall give a signal at the beginning of the last lap in which of the following races:
64. The starter has which of the following duties:
65. The clerk of course may change lane assignments due to:
66. When a fully automatic timing (FAT) system allows, all ties for place finishes and/ or determining qualifiers for a subsequent round shall be broken by the time recorded to one one-thousandth of a second.
67. The implement inspector shall:
68. The shoe must be designed so that it can be fastened securely to the foot.
69. One American flag may be placed on a track and field or cross country uniform:
70. In relays, each team member shall wear the same color and design of school uniform although the length of the bottom may vary.
71. What is the penalty for removing any part of the team uniform, excluding shoes, while in the area of competition?
72. Any athlete who exhibits signs, symptoms or behaviors consistent with a concussion shall be:
73. Preliminary races should be arranged so that no competitor is scheduled to run in more heats than another competitor unless tying competitors from a preliminary heat are competing for an available lane in a final heat.
74. If a competitor is injured or becomes ill, and an appropriate health-care professional is not available, and that competitor receives aid from another competitor, only the injured/ill competitor is disqualified.
75. An athlete may use a watch worn around the wrist during a competition.
76. A running event or heat begins when competitors report to the starting line.
77. Which is the correct standard height of hurdles for the races listed below?
78. Which is the correct requirement for a hurdle? The hurdle shall:
79. The incoming and outgoing runners may simultaneously touch the baton outside of the 20-meter exchange zone.
80. Excused competitors shall make the last attempts in finals.
81. To break a tie in a throwing or horizontal jumping event, the second best performance is used.
82. In the javelin throw, wearing a support belt is considered an illegal action.
83. When three competitors enter the pole vault at a height higher than opening height, and have passed at least three consecutive heights, those athletes are allowed a combined total warm-up time of:
84. A bungee cord manufactured for use in the high jump and pole vault may be used during warm-ups prior to the start of competition only, as approved by the games committee.
85. In preliminary trials, the number of competitors in flights shall be no less than:
86. The landing pad may consist of multiple sections simply tied together.
87. In the high jump, measurements shall be recorded to the nearest lesser:
88. The pole vault pole:
89. It is required that the plant box padding meets applicable ASTM specifications.
90. In the pole vault, a competitor shall have the standards or uprights set to position the crossbar from a point 18 inches measured beyond the vertical plane of the top of the stopboard, zero point, up to a maximum distance of:
91. If a pole vaulter’s pole breaks during an attempt:
92. In the long and triple jumps, the declination in the approach shall be limited to 2:100 (2 percent) laterally and 1:1000 (0.1 percent) downward in the jumping direction.
93. Meet management may place markers to the side of the landing pits for the purpose of marking meet, state and/or national records, as well as minimum qualifying standards.
94. In cross country, a competitor who fails to complete the prescribed course that is defined by a legal marking system is disqualified.
95. In the absence of a curb, if cones are used, they should be placed:
96. In the first round of competition, if two contestants from the same team fall within the same heat, the slower contestant should be moved to another heat.
97. At the start of outdoor events of 800 meters or greater, runners may place their hands on the ground for a three-point starting stance.
98. In field events, warm-ups shall not be allowed unless:
99. Unless state association policy determines otherwise, special events should be conducted using USATF Youth event rules.
100. In a cross country race, the course should be marked using the following:
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