Techcode China Israel Incubator
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Techcode is one of China's largest Incubator Networks with a presence in 30 cities, 7 countries (China, Germany, US, Israel, Korea, Finland, Russia).
Our aim is to help companies with innovative technologies from around the world to Scale-up and access the Chinese Market. We do this through our our various programs and network of over 40+ Industry Parks in China.

Our verticals:
Techcode China Israel Incubator focuses on supporting mature Startups and companies with products in:
- Artificial Intelligence (iOT, machine learning),
- Automotive / Smart Mobility;
- MedTech (Digital Health and Medical Devices)
- New Materials (Advanced materials and Nanotech).

Other verticals:
If your product is outside the above categories, and you are serious about setting-up your activity in China - we still want to hear from you.

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