Coastie Consignments - Donations
This form is for donating USCG uniform items for fellow Coast Guard members. Please fill out the forms as thoroughly as possible. This form is only for donations. There is a separate form to BUY or Sell CG items. Please reach out if you have any questions to
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Donator Name: *
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How would I like to be contacted from Coasties needing my donated items? *
I understand that by requesting to post my items on the COTM Coastie Consignment page that I am authorizing my contact information to be posted and CG members may contact me for my posted items. I also understand that shipping costs will be negotiated by me and the requesting parties. COTM is not involved in any of these negotiations or any shipping of items. *
I understand that to insure proper inventory on the Coastie Consignment page that I will email COTM once any items are donated. I also understand that all items have a 6 month shelf life on the COTM website. After this time period, all items will be deleted. *
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