Yearbook Application 2021-2022
Apply to be a part of the 2021-2022 Yearbook Staff! Due March 5th for RETURNING staff, March 26th for NEW staff.
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Are you willing to make the yearbook class one of your priorities this year? *
Are you willing to work before school or after school and occasionally, on weekends to meet deadlines? *
Would you be willing to accept a leadership role involving additional responsibilities and commitment? *
Do you enjoy interviewing and writing? *
Are you comfortable working with computers, in particular, Apple computers? *
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Can you properly use a digital and or DSLR camera? *
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Would you be willing to learn to take better photographs and attend extracurricular activities to improve your skills and take photos? *
Are you willing to sell business ads and personal ads for the yearbook? *
Do you know how to handle money and finances? *
Do you work well in a "team" like atmosphere? *
SECTION II - Personal Preferences *
With 1 being the most appealing, number the following jobs as you would find them most interesting: Writing, Organizing, Computers, Layout/Design, Photography, Business
Personal Preferences *
With 1 being your first choice, number the following sections for the yearbook as your preference for assignment: Academics, Clubs, Portraits, Senior Ads/Advertising, Sports, Student Life
SECTION III - Personal Statement - Tell us about yourself. Be sure to answer the following questions in your personal statement (Note- you are not sending me the answers to these questions but turning the answers into a “story” about you, using these questions- almost like an interview for a story): *
1. Why do you want to be a member of the yearbook staff. 2. What experience do you have? 3. What do you hope to learn in this class? 4. Describe a personal strength that you feel would make you an asset to the staff? 5. What other activities do you plan to participate in next year? 6. What was your favorite part of last year's yearbook? 7. What would you like to see included in the yearbook that doesn't usually appear in the book? 8. Returning staff: Identify leadership position(s) for which you would like to be considered and why you feel you would be the best fit.
SECTION IV - Submit ONE photo that you have taken that you consider to be a sample of your personal best. Write a caption that explains the photo and the approximate date the photo was taken. *
Send the picture to Include title and date taken.
SECTION V - Two Teacher Recommendations (Not needed for returning staff members)
Please list the names of two teachers or other school staff that would be willing to complete a recommendation for you. (Returning staff do NOT need to complete this section...all others do)
Please READ the following handbook to see all that the Yearbook involves. *
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