TRAIN TO WORK - A project to support Ukrainian filmmakers behind camera in Germany
As a subsidiary of ARD, ARD Degeto is responsible for the production of high-quality fictional primetime programming - TV films, series, feature films... - and works together with numerous production companies, from small boutiques to large corporations.

The idea of the "Train to work" project is to help filmmakers who had to leave Ukraine ( because of the war to enter the German film industry.

In order to obtain regular employment, it is necessary to know exactly how the work processes in Germany differ from those in Ukraine. This experience is to be made possible with Train to Work: You can apply to be part of a Degeto production in your department for up to 4 weeks to learn all about how work is done here. It will also be a wonderful opportunity to network with German filmmakers. Participation in the training and work within its framework will be paid for from a special pool allocated for this purpose by Degeto. The course of the training will be supervised by the Filmmakers For Ukraine team.

The goal is for you to work under regular conditions in your profession in the German film industry as soon as possible.

If you would like to apply for the programme, please fill out the form and a Ukrainian colleague will contact you soon! Unfortunately, we cannot promise that every applicant will get a place and we ask for your understanding.

The project will probably run for the next six months.

Here you find a story about the Train to Work Expirience of Lena Shremko

If you have any questions please drop a mail here:

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