Do you wish to organize an event with Think Africa?
As Think Africa is a community driven platform, your input is greatly encouraged. If you have an idea for an event that you want to organize under the Think Africa platform, please fill in the form below.

Once you fill in the form, you will be matched and contacted by a Think Africa member who will be assigned to assist you in making your idea a reality. The Think Africa platform and network provides you with the necessary foundation to make your voice heard and your vision visible.

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Ready to submit! Here's how things will proceed:
1. Your proposal will be reviewed to ensure it fits with the Think Africa mission and values.

2. Once approved, you will be assigned a Think Africa board member who will guide and oversee the event till completion. The role of the board member is to help you make the most of Think Africa’s access to resources in the form of branding, marketing, funding volunteers and partner network.

3. You then need to plan and execute your idea. Remember to have fun :).

4. We will then publicize and document your incredible results!

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