2020 Sponsorship Pledge Form
Thank you for your interest in supporting the 2020 Manzanita Farmers Market!

Submit this form to make your pledge and the market manager will follow up with you for invoicing and sponsor benefits.

Sponsorship benefits may vary slightly from what is listed on the 2020 Sponsorship flyer depending on what sponsor benefits we can offer under our operating conditions with the coronavirus pandemic.

As of 6/5/2020 the current sponsor benefits will differ from what is listed in the 2020 MFM Sponsor Flyer in the following ways:
(1) instead of the sponsor banner being at all 15 farmers markets, it will be created and posted a couple of weeks after the first farmers market and therefore will likely be present for closer to 13 farmers market events.
(2) no complimentary booth spaces are available.
(3) no flyer placement at the MFM info booth

Questions? Email market manager at info@manzanitafarmersmarket.com or call 503-836-3534.
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