MFMII Docent Application 2022
Thank you for your interest in the MFMII fall docent training program. Training will be HYBRID (virtual via Zoom and in person), depending on health requirements!
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13.  Please provide one in-state reference (not a relative or spouse) that we may contact regarding your experience with children or work experience. Name, phone and email please. *
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Docent training is twice weekly starting mid September through the beginning of November and registration begins with Music  For Minors II. Volunteers are expected to complete the training and serve for at least one school year providing ½ hour per week of music in at least one classroom. Upon completion of the training, docents are placed in mutually agreeable classrooms with MFMII authorization. MFMII reserves the right to determine who shall participate in the program at any time. Should you have to stop docenting during your first year commitment, docents will have to return all training materials to MFMII which are held until you can return. I have read and understand this paragraph above and accept its requirements. Please initial below. *
Waiver - "I am releasing the non-profit organization (MFMII) from any liability issues that may occur during training or teaching virtually. MFMII is not responsible for any injury caused by any obstacle in the home, nor can the instructor properly view the surroundings or movements of the participant, while participating in the docent training or teaching virtually via Zoom." Please initial below. *
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