Brand Ambassador Program Application
At Gossamer Gear, our drive to be the lightest, strongest, and most innovated doesn't stop, and we take pride in the fact that our roster of badass ambassadors don't either! (on or off the trail)

We are currently accepting applications for new ambassadors. We'll gear you up and champion your story as best we can. We take our ambassador program seriously, and are excited to add to the ranks.

Please fill out the quick application below, and we'll reach out if the stars align. Happy Trails!
First Name:
Trail Name:
Last Name:
Email Address
Home Base (City/State): (cool if you're on the road/trail full-time, but a general idea as to where you call home helps!)
Shipping Addy - Street:
Shipping Addy - Apt or Unit #
Shipping Addy - City:
Shipping Addy - State:
Shipping Addy - Zip Code
Shipping Addy - Country
IG Handle (if applicable):
Facebook URL (if applicable):
Website URL (if applicable):
Youtube Channel URL (if applicable):
Are you currently or previously an Ambassador for any other brands? If so, please list.
Do you own any Gossamer Gear? If so, what's your favorite and why?
While being as brief as possible, what are the 3 most important things to you (currently) in your life?
Do you have any examples available of published written work? (i.e. gear reviews, blogs, etc,) If so, please provide links below.
In 3-4 sentences, describe your goals on and off the trail in 2019.
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