OpenRefine usage survey December 2017
It's been a while since our last user survey (See the result from the 2014 edition, and with the recent help from Google New Labs funding OpenRefine (!topic/openrefine/kT2Uqh4SNz4), we would like to know who you are, how you use OpenRefine and what your expectations are. So here it is the 2017 edition of the OpenRefine user survey! Thank you for sharing it with your friends, coworker, and communities!
A little bit about yourself
Communities you identify with
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How often do you use OpenRefine
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How would you rate your skills using OpenRefine
High-level tasks you do with OpenRefine
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OpenRefine version and distribution
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Do you use plugin or extension?
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Which features available in an extension or plugin, do you want to see by default in OpenRefine?
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Do you use a reconciliation service?
Your perception of OpenRefine
Which features make you choose Refine as opposed to another tools?
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What tool would you have used instead
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How do you describe Refine to someone else?
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Anything else to add?
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