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This form was made for everyone who participated in the Yezcoin Airdrop to confirm or update their wallet address. Please confirm you have access to your wallet's PRIVATE KEY before submitting it into this form and use the same name you submitted for KYC on (website and wallet logins are not linked. Both require registrations).

NOTE: Yezcoin is a NEP-5 Token, any existing NEO NEP-5 wallet can be used to store it. But if  you register and log in with your email on the Yezcoin wallet website  (, you will receive an extra 50 YEZ.

Remember you can still invite family and friends to join the airdrop by.

- You must join our telegram: (read pinned message once you get into the group).
- Join our Announcement channel:
- Register on
- Submit KYC on the website and complete this form.
- Fill this form.

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