How's it going?
We'd love to hear from you about the changes in our Sunday morning schedule. Please comment on the following areas.
Do your children/young adults participate in the worship service?  
Do you engage children positively in the worship service?  
If you are a communicant member, do you take communion? 
Have you or someone you know met someone new?  
Have you or someone you know befriended someone new? 
Do Sunday Assembly groups have functioning fellowship periods?  
Do you feel too crowded to invite someone to church? 
Do you use the SPEP spiritual workbook?
How do you use your SPEP spiritual workbook?
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Do you pray for or with someone during the week?
Do you participate in the discipleship time?
If you are a ministry leader, do you feel integrated with the changes?
What do you do if you do not go to the discipleship hour?
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