Invitation to Fast/Pray
Hopefully, like us, you were blown away with what happened at Annual Conference this year. The sweeping of GC and JC Delegates, the passing of a resolution by a super majority, the overwhelming witness of rainbows around the room. It was beautiful...and way overdue. We discovered that many of my friends that we had identified as conservative, were fleeing from the hate-filled Traditional Plan and seeking a new harbor.

We do not want to lose the energy that was made evident this past year, we want to move forward together and continue to send a clear message to our Conference leadership. But how to do that? That remains the million dollar question and it could be the question that threatens to divide us again. So we are asking for your help again.

Given this momentum, we know decisions remain in the balance on whether Resolution #506 will or won’t be enacted and whether the trial of Rev. Anna Blaedel will proceed. We also know the Bishop will be on Renewal leave for six weeks doing the work of discernment. Therefore, we want to grow a fellowship of faithful siblings that will use this period to pray, fast and be grounded in Scripture to help bring about a truly liberated church, one that so many have been waiting for far too long.

Over the next six weeks (starting Monday, June 24th) we invite you to fast as you are able from sunset on Thursday to 3pm on Friday, in the Wesley tradition. We invite you to read and pray over the message of liberation found in Isaiah chapter 40-66, if you read five chapters a week it will take you that whole section. We invite you to be praying for our Strategy Team, for our connection, and for our Conference Leadership at this time.

If you are willing to join us in this collective effort of spiritual discernment and being, please let us know below.


Alexis Johnson
John Rothlisberger
Tim Bonney
Andrea Kraushaar
Lauren Loonsfoot
Brian Williams
Irene DeMaris
Ryan Russell
Lindsay Drake
Leigh Brown
Katie Dawson
Nate Nims
Judy Wadding
David Glenn-Burns
Coreen Witke
Prudy Klinger
Sue Thomas
Mara Bailey
Patty LaGree
Wendi Gillan
Nichole Doran
Jennifer Hammel
Mary Bellon
Kevin LaGree
Jim Baty
Wil Ranney
Alejandro Alfaro-Santiz
Christine Humrichouse
Nancy Sutherland
David Sutherland
Pam Prince
Carol Paquette
Christine McMorris
Michael Serface
Jenny Knutter
LeAnn Robine
Kathleen Heinzel
Jo Hoover
Hugh Mackintosh
Carol Mackintosh
Juliann Ahrens
Kristin Boysen
Sharon Miller
Kathi Mitchell
Colleen McRoberts
Cheryl Ridenour
Kay Hooper
Jonathan Heifner
Kwang Song
Sue Terry
Jenny Seylar
Gayle Wilcox
Sarah Karber
Jenny Jorgensen
Bob Hoover
Linda VonFumetti
Diane Hammond
Steven Olerud

*Please note we will not be able to update this list as people sign-up. We will update the list at a later date so that the Bishop and others know who has been praying during this period of time. Thank you for understanding!

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