Panel Submission Form - VF2020
Please fill out this form if you would like to run a panel at VancouFur. We are looking for all sorts of exciting panels to make sure that VF2020 is the most exciting convention yet. We need all sorts of panels, including general interest and workshops, so please send us any and all of your ideas!

* If you have programming related questions or require more information,
please email, subject "Panel Submission Form".

If you would like to do a larger, main stage style event, please use our event submission form.

* Our programming team will review your submission and get back to you by the end of 2019.
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Panel Information
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The name of your panel. If you can't think of one, just state what the panel is about.
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Tell us and potential attendees what your panel is all about. This text will also be used in our conbook. Be descriptive!
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How long will your panel run? *
Panels are typically 1 hour. If you require more or less time for your panel, please add time in 30 min blocks. Please Include Set up time and Tear down as well.
Panel Type *
Vancoufur is looking for a wide variety of different panels catering to different and diverse interests. Please select a broad category that your panel would fall under to help us better organize and have many different types of activities throughout the con. If there's not something that matches up exactly with your idea, pick the closest or select General Interest, which can include furry, or non furry related content. If your panel could fit under more than one, pick the one you feel most describes it.
Does your panel contain mature content? *
Panels with mature content are restricted to attendees 18+ and can only be scheduled after 9:00PM
Additional Panel Hosts
If you are running the panel with others, please list their names here.
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Do you have a preferred day/time for your panel?
Feel free to select more than one time when you would be available to run your panel. We cannot guarantee that you'll get the time slot you want, but we will try our best to accommodate. // Skipping this will give you the default of "No Preference"
What Equipment do you plan on bringing?
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What Equipment would you like us to provide?
Note: We will do our best, but may not have the equipment you request.
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Anything else you'd like to say?
Is there anything special we need to know about your panel? Need extra setup time? Special requests? Got additional questions? Put that information, or questions here.
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I fully understand that I may not get the scheduling placement that would work for me in a perfect world. *
I will do my best to respect the decision of the event staff, and will converse with them in the manner I wish to be given back to myself. *
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