EDA NM Rainforest University Center Seminar - Success Factors to Achieve Business Longevity Assessment
Complete this assessment to receive credit for viewing the May 8, 2020 New Mexico Rainforest EDA University Center Seminar, "Success Factors to Achieve Business Longevity" by Stacy Sacco. Recordings and supplemental materials can be found at NMRainforest.com
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Approximately how many years old is the oldest business that’s still operating on the earth? *
In what country was the oldest business located? *
What is the oldest business still operating in New Mexico? *
What was a common denominator leading to the success of most of the companies that have been in business for over 1,000 years? *
What do many of New Mexico’s small businesses have in common with the oldest businesses on Earth? *
Finish the traditional quote, “The first generation starts a business. The second generation runs it. And the third generation _____ it." *
What did Stacy suggest you do to maintain a continuous team of strong managers? *
 What were the two divergent views that one needs to follow to stay in balance and navigate the challenges you will encounter to stay in business for the long-term. *
For your operational goals, what would be a desired outcome? *
 What organizations did Stacy suggest you consider contacting to assist you in running a successful long-term business? *
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