2020 Ohio Roller Derby Recreational Program Registration
1. Schedule: Ohio Roller Derby Recreational Program (OHRP) practices on Tuesdays from 7:30-9:30 p.m. If there happen to be five Tuesdays in a month, the 5th Tuesday will be a break. OHRP operates in three separate 3-month-long sessions throughout the year (Feb-April, May-July, Aug-Oct). Practices may be cancelled due to inclement weather or other unforeseen circumstances. There are no refunds for cancelled practices.

2. OHRP has three levels: OH-1, OH-2, and OH-3. Most incoming skaters will start at OH-1. During each session, skaters will focus on skills designed to aid their advancement to the next level.

OH-1 sessions are non-contact and focus on skating basics (e.g. falling, stopping, derby stance, stability, etc.). After completing a session of OH-1 you may test into OH-2 which introduces contact drills and more derby-specific skills. All advancement and participation in drills is at the trainers' discretion.

Rec Skaters may borrow gear for all OH-1 and OH-2 sessions.

After successfully completing OH-2, participants may test into OH-3 and be cleared for participation in OHRP scrimmages.

3. New skaters may start the first Tuesday of each month. Dues are $25 per month, to be paid in full by the first of each month. All OHRP participants will be required to make the full, non-refundable $25 payment before attending their first Tuesday practice.

4. Participants must wear safety gear at all times while on skates. Gear includes a mouth guard, helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, and wrist guards. We have a limited amount of gear available to borrow and participants are encouraged to purchase their own full set. OH-3 participants are required to use their own gear. Please contact us at recruiting@ohiorollerderby.com if you have any questions regarding required or optional equipment

5. It is mandatory for all OHRP particpants to purchase supplemental WFTDA insurance* before attending their first practice. This is not optional.

WFTDA insurance currently costs $75 and will be valid for 365 days from date of purchase. Purchasing insurance now will cover participants for all 2020 OHRP sessions. If you need to purchase WFTDA insurance, we will contact you with more information and instructions upon receiving your registration form.

*Skaters who are members of other leagues already covered by USARS insurance will not be required to also purchase WFTDA insurance. You will need to provide OHRP with your insurance number and coverage dates.
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