WEareSCPA Nominations 2019
We are currently accepting nominations for the 2019-2020 school year. If you are interested in running for any of the offices, please complete the form below.

PTSO: WEareSCPA is SCPA's Parent Teacher Student Organization. Most of our WEareSCPA Executive Board positions are up for election, including President, 2 Vice Presidents, Secretary, Co-Treasurer, and Volunteer Director. (Please note that the current Co-Treasurer is planning to return.) Board positions are open to SCPA parents, guardians, teachers, and staff.

Descriptions of the PTSO Executive Board positions being filled are located at the end of this form. All Executive Board members should expect to work on several PTSO events/activities each year, such as Orientation, Concession Sales, Earth Day, etc., in addition to regularly attending PTSO monthly meetings.

LSDMC: The Local School Decision Making Committee consists of teacher, non-teaching staff, community, and parent representatives. The LSDMC assesses the school's goals, recommends changes in program focus, and approves the school budget. At least one LSDMC parent rep position is available.

ILT: The Instruction Learning Team consists of teachers, administration, and parent representatives. The ILT is responsible for the school's learning improvement program. At least one ILT parent rep position is available.

For more information, go to http://www.wearescpa.org/elections---nominations.html.

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PTSO Executive Board Position Descriptions
As noted above, all Executive Board members should expect to work on several PTSO events/activities each year, such as Orientation, Concession Sales, Gingerbread Night, Teacher Appreciation, etc., in addition to regularly attending PTSO monthly meetings.

President: The President presides over meetings of the PTSO and the Executive Board. The President appoints committees. The President is expected to attend PTSO Executive Board and General meetings, and to participate substantially in PTSO-sponsored events.

Vice President: The Vice Presidents assist the President as needed. The more senior of the Vice Presidents presides over meetings in the President’s absence. The Vice Presidents oversee back to school activities and other major activities, either by coordinating the events themselves or working with others.

Treasurer: The Co-Treasurers maintain the finances and financial records of the PTSO. They provide a monthly report on the PTSO’s financial activities, and prepare an annual budget for approval by the general membership. The Co-Treasurers also prepare any required financial forms, including tax returns, for the PTSO.

Secretary: The Secretary keeps the minutes and records of the PTSO. The Secretary provides a copy of the minutes of each meeting to the President as soon as possible, and at least 24 hours prior to the next meeting. The Secretary maintains the standard operating procedures for the PTSO.

Volunteer Director: The Volunteer Director maintains the online system used to request and manage volunteers for PTSO and other SCPA events. The Volunteer Director works with committee and event chairs to determine how many volunteers or donations may be needed for events, and what roles the volunteers will be asked to fill.

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