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The SL2College Mentor program strives to match interested students with mentors who can provide advise and guidance on their graduate studies. We will match you with a mentor who has pursued their graduate studies in the field of your interest, enabling him/her to share his/her insights and experiences with you.

NOTE: Please remember that the mentor is an adviser, and will not be doing all the groundwork for you i.e. filling application forms, writing essays, etc. The mentor's responsibility is to guide you in finding the best ways to do these tasks. This form is for students interested in applying for graduate studies.

Due to the large number of applications and limited number of mentors, we will only be choosing 10 postgraduate students each admission cycle. There are 3 admission cycles in an year (December, March, September).

Applications submitted after the deadline will only be considered for the next admission cycle. Watch out for the submission dates on our websites.

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Other related questions
If you haven't made up your mind on what you wish to pursue, you may ignore the following 3 questions. However, the more information you provide, the easier it'll be for us to match you with a mentor.
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SL2College receives many applications for the Mentor Program, but we will choose only 10 applicants per admission cycle. Our mentors volunteer their time and energy to guide their mentees through the admission process. Tell us in a short paragraph why we should choose you to be a mentee.
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