What would you have wanted to know in your school's sex ed program (about sex, sexuality, gender...)?
Please boost!

Hi! I'm a school teacher who is unexpectedly teaching sex ed this summer and they have jack squat about gender or sexuality. I'm aiming to fix that, but there's little to none existing curriculum about it (especially gender topics) and I'd like to know from the community what would've been most helpful for the next generation.

Thank you so much for your time!!
Please check all that would have been useful to have learned in a school setting:
What would have helped to have learned in school about sexual orientation and gender identities?
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Were any identities that weren't straight or cisgender taught to you and, if so, how?
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What do wish they had taught when you were in school? (What am I missing?)
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Is there anything else you'd like me to know?
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