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Are you craving to make an impact on this planet? Do you want to help others? Then get ready to up level your life!

Hello friend! I'm so excited you're here.

I've been on this journey with Juice Plus+ for more than 8 years and it has completely changed my life and increased the positive impact I can have.

I took my phone, started sharing about products that I truly believe in, and so far I've been able to impact tens of thousands of lives.

Before I was introduced to Juice Plus+, I was struggling to find all-natural, whole food products that I could recommend to my clients that would promote healthy (and ultimately sustainable) weight loss and better health. I wanted to fill this gap for myself as well. As a reputable Nutritionist I was working long hours and missing my family. I wanted to continue to have an impact on the health and wellness of others AND create a little more time flexibility for being a mom and wife.

I can honestly say that after 15 years of teaching Nutrition, Juice Plus+ is the REAL deal and their products are unlike any other I've seen. Non GMO, NSF certified, no fillers, or 100% whole food based ingredients. Simply pure, clean, natural and awesome. I’m so proud to be partnered with them and INCREDIBLY grateful for the lifestyle it has allowed my family.

Juice Plus+ has also given me a business that's become much more than a "side hustle"!

I was craving —>
⚡️More flexibility and freedom
⚡️The ability to have a bigger impact on health and wellness of those outside my own community
⚡️More time with my husband and 4 children
⚡️Residual income
⚡️Inspired community

The Juice Plus+ products have not only helped me help thousands of people, but this business has fulfilled the above list and so much more!

But before I dove in, I was 100% skeptical.
I believed in shipping direct to customers, BUT I worried what my clients and colleagues would think of me promoting a Direct Sales Company and growing a team of motivated individuals who wanted to help others live healthier lives.

I didn't want to have to fulfill monthly minimums, or have to hold my rank every month. I wanted to freely share products I loved, help families get healthy and teach others how to do the same thing!

When my enroller told me about Juice Plus+ I rolled my eyes. I was so impressed with the products!! But unsure of how to incorporate a Direct Sales model into my existing business.

😳It was then that I took a real look and witnessed that Juice Plus+ was Direct Selling done differently...

And that’s what Juice Plus+ is all about.
Juice Plus+ loves the environment. We don’t just say we love the environment, we’re actually doing something.
We have created a revolutionary fish free omega blend that not only provides incredible essential fatty acid nutrition, but is significantly better for the environment than fish farming for fish oil. In addition to this Juice Plus+ has minimized our packaging to use less resources and offers a 4 month shipping program for our customers, reducing the companies carbon footprint and avoiding monthly shipping costs for customers.

Speaking of profits Juice Plus+ has grown 100 million dollars in 2020. We’re poised to smash even more growth records!💰

Families are looking for clean, safe, natural and proven by science products. Thats what I get to share with the Juice Plus+ products!

At the end of the day, this is a modern, relevant partnership that makes sense in the world we live in -- we are already buying from people we follow online. It makes sense to earn 💰 as you refer products you love! And that’s what we do.

What started as a slightly terrifying decision has turned into a life-changing career decision that has given me and my family more freedom, abundance, and fulfilment than I could have ever imagined.

In the past 8 years I’ve been able to

⚡️Have a business I work using wi-fi from anywhere
⚡️Truly help thousands of people live a healthier lifestyle
⚡️Lead a team of like minded entrepreneurs
⚡️Be a part of an amazing community
⚡️Make money while we sleep #residualincome


We are continuing to build an even more successful team (many have gone full time), so why not YOU? We have the systems and support in place to help keep you accountable to your goals. You're in business for yourself but never by yourself!

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Alisa Herriman International Marketing Director, Juice Plus+
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