Bass Works 7 Day Program 2020 Application
Baltimore, Maryland
July 19-26, 20

The 7 Day Program is designed for students who have finished the 7th grade.
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Please list your most recent and most challenging repertoire. For example, this could be a solo piece, an orchestral excerpt, a method book or an etude. This information helps us place each student in the most appropriate chamber group and studio.
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Video Submission
Please include a brief video recording as part of your application. It is a crucial part of what helps us select the best curriculum for you at camp. This video will help determine chamber group and studio placement.

This recording should showcases the complete depth of your technique. For example, this could be a portion of what you are currently working on in your lessons, a piece you recently performed or an orchestral excerpt you used for an audition. Be sure your choice shows your range and capabilities as a player.
If you do NOT take lessons, you may choose to play a section of a piece you are playing in your orchestra.

*Please Note* This submission is a required part of the application. While the content is not a factor in acceptance, if we do not receive your file by the application deadline, May 1st, you will forfeit your spot. You may submit this portion of the application without the recording.
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Bass Works faculty member Yoshiaki Horiguchi will perform a solo recital during Bass Works. The repertoire will be chosen by the most popular requests by YOU, the campers! Do you have any requests as to what Yoshi should play for his recital? If you want more ideas on what to choose from, look through any bass books that you have or start with a simple YouTube search of “double bass solos.” If you don't have a suggestion yet, feel free to email us later!
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Studio Selection
This year at Bass Works, we will be offering a studio concept. This means that each 7-day student will take lessons with the same teacher throughout the course of camp. After your application has been submitted you should look out for a studio request form which will be sent to you in a different email.

You can read about all of the teachers here:
After Submission...
You will receive information regarding payment of your tuition balance in an upcoming e-mail.
If you do not receive an email or phone call within a week of submitting your application, please send an email to
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at
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