Share with us your thoughts on the new trains! :)
Thanks for checking out the exhibit for the new trains for the North-South and East-West Lines today! Your feedback is valuable to us and we hope to hear your thoughts, so do help us answer a few short questions. Thanks!
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Which exterior design do you prefer? *
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Choose your three (3) favourite interior colour schemes! *
What are your thoughts on the tip-up seats? *
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What would you like to see as features on the Additional Passenger Media Display (APMD)? Select up to two! *
Think about the seats of the trains you've taken. Which is your favourite? *
Which is your preferred seat in this R151 train physical mockup? *
Did you use the Mixed Reality HoloLens? If so, how useful was it in providing a more complete visual experience of how the trains would look like?
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Share with us your other thoughts! We may incorporate some of your comments in our designs. Thank you! :)
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