The Mind Inside - Take Action Reception

Nebraska Loves Public Schools – a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting public education through film – will host a screening of the first episode of its new series, The Mind Inside, in the Tri-Cities on Jan. 29.

Immediately after the film there will be a "Take Action" reception with area nonprofits providing opportunity for audiences to learn what’s facing students and schools today and how to show empathy, support, and understanding for the students in the community. This will be a wonderful time to encourage volunteers, donors and others to become aware of your organization and support your work with a direct call to action.

Please fill out the information below to reserve a space at the event. We'll provide a space and a captive, eager audience; please make arrangements for at least one member of your team to be available during the Take Action Reception.

The event and the reservation of a Take Action space are free of charge.



5:30 PM - Take Action Reception set up
6:30 PM - Doors Open
7:00 PM - Film Screening + Q&A Discussion
8:00 PM - Take Action Reception with area non-profits
9:00 PM - Wrap



Tri-Cities Premiere | 7 p.m. Tuesday, Jan. 29
College Park, Grand Island

Available Online Friday, Jan. 18:


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