Rutgers Hillel Kashrut Form
Rutgers Hillel has made it a priority to ensure that the Kashrut at Rutgers Hillel events meets the standards of the Orthodox Union. In this way, students from various Jewish backgrounds can all feel comfortable eating at Hillel. In order to maintain that level of Kashrut, Rutgers Hillel has entrusted Rabbi Tzvi Wohlgelernter, our OU-JLIC rabbi, to oversee these standards.
The following policies are in place to ensure that everything will be in order for your event:

1. If a mashgiach (kashrut supervisor) will be required for your event, you must give 72 hours notice to ensure sufficient time to find an available mashgiach.

2. All food must be in the drop off box in Rabbi Frieberg's office at least 24 hours in advance of your program to ensure sufficient time to check the kashrut symbols of your food.

3. This policy applies to ALL programs taking place in the Hillel building, regardless of who organizes the event.

4. Throughout this form you will find important details about how to carry out this policy. Please read them carefully, as those steps must be followed in order for your event to occur.

Due to allergy concerns please refrain form bringing any products containing nuts, especially peanuts, into the building
IMPORTANT: If these time frames are not met, we cannot guarantee that your program will be permitted to take place.
If you have extenuating circumstances, please be in touch with Rabbi Tzvi as soon as possible to discuss your situation.
His phone number is 732-252-7444.
Please complete this form in order to receive approval for your event at Rutgers Hillel.
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