EHCC is strongly committed to providing an encouraging and respectful environment to everyone who uses our facilities. To support that, we require that all organizations we partner with sign our pledge agreeing to uphold EHCC’s values.

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Pledge for Leaders of Organizations Using EHCC Facilities
On behalf of [organization name], we acknowledge that EHCC works with its partners toward a common goal of giving an inclusive and equal platform for cultural expression to all the diverse creative groups in our community. We understand that EHCC is committed to accommodating, scheduling, and communicating with all users in a manner that is professional and courteous, and that each organization and every individual in those organizations with which EHCC partners is expected to participate in EHCC values while working and sharing space. Those values include respectful, polite treatment of all people involved in every program at the Center.

As leader(s)/coordinator(s) of a group that uses EHCC facilities, we will adhere to these guidelines:
1. We will convey to our members that everyone visiting EHCC premises is expected to interact with politeness and respect at all times.
2. We will ask adult members of our organization and parents of minor children participating in our activities to sign the EHCC Facility Users Pledge available on the EHCC website.
3. We will ensure that the times and locations we have reserved for our use are accurately represented on the EHCC facilities use calendar and reflect all the rooms we plan to use, including spaces that may be used as waiting areas.
4. We will begin and end our activities at scheduled times.
5. If our activities will be loud enough to prevent simultaneous use of other rooms, we will reserve all affected spaces.
6. Unless otherwise arranged in advance, we will leave spaces in the same condition we found them.
7. If we need to store props, instruments, tools, etc., we will work with EHCC representatives to arrange mutually satisfactory storage.
8. We understand that it is our responsibility to label any fragile items we are leaving on site.
9. We will not move stored items belonging to other facility users without permission.
10. If any members of our group inadvertently cause, or become aware of, damage to items belonging
to others, or damage to EHCC facilities, we will promptly report this to EHCC representatives.
11. We will not place our notices at the Center on top of notices posted by other groups.
12. We will follow all security measures directed by EHCC to keep the premises safe and secure.

If conflicts arise, we will take the following steps:
1. We will attempt to resolve the situation directly by polite and respectful negotiation with the individuals concerned.
2. If this does not resolve the situation, we will bring it to the attention of EHCC representatives who coordinate EHCC facilities use (Jackie Johnson and/or Monique Ortiz) for impartial resolution.
3. Regardless of the outcome, we will not spread negative commentary about other organizations or their representatives to the community.
Pledge for Users of EHCC Facilities
I understand that EHCC supports cultural expression by all members of our community, and that everyone who visits the Center is entitled to respect. As a user of EHCC facilities, I agree to treat everyone politely and considerately.
If I have a disagreement with another individual at EHCC, I will try to resolve the matter through polite negotiation. If conflict cannot be resolved, I will advise the leader of the activity I am taking part in, and/or EHCC representatives, and will abide by their decision on how to handle matters. Regardless of the outcome, I will not spread negative commentary about other organizations or their representatives to the community.
(Parents signing on behalf of children under 12: By signing, you agree that you have discussed this pledge with your child/ren and explained that they are expected to follow EHCC values while participating in activities on EHCC premises.)
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