Apply for Rockrian citizenship
Note to all citizens from SWBGS: Do not use a school email address.

* If you would like to use a school email, please contact border control @
** If you wish to sign up using only a phone number, please contact border control using the email above.
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*Those entering with diplomatic authority or legal reasons MUST provide evidence to prove so
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*:Your phone number will only be used as a means of secondary contact. You WILL NOT receive any advertisements or non-rockria related material. If you wish to not submit a phone number, please contact border control @ **: If it is a non-UK number, please contact border control. ***: Providing a fake phone number may result in prosecution
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*If making a donation, please contact border control. Select No or simply leave blank if not.
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*This means you will abide to all Rockrian laws and amendments and participate in court hearings in absolutely necessary **If you disagree you will not be accepted
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