GNSF Academic Mini-Grant
Grants Due: November 27, 2017

Grants may be submitted by any individual who is employed by the Grinnell-Newburg School District or by Task Forces that are working under the direction of the G-N school district.

All grant applications must be approved by a building or district administrator. The GNSF Board will confirm approval of any online application.

Grant proposals should have student learning and success as the central goal and all proposals must align with the district Comprehensive School Improvement Plan and Building Goals.

Priority will be given to those proposals that are innovative and collaborative with evidence that the proposal has the potential for improving student learning and success.

If funding allows, applications for basic curricular needs will be considered.

GNSF Academic Mini-Grants award up to $1,000 per applicant and up to a maximum of $5,000 for collaborative proposals. Higher dollar amounts will be considered based upon the number of schools/students impacted by the proposal.

GNSF will consider augmenting (50-50 match) funding provided by the G-N District for conferences during the research year of the curriculum cycle, or for the cost of bringing in a presenter.

GNSF will consider proposals that include professional development costs in order to meet identified student needs including the following: cost of substitutes, registration, presenters, and costs associated with travel such as lodging, meals, and materials according to state guidelines.

Recipients should make clear in their application what means of evaluation they intend to use to measure the impact the grant has on student achievement.

Reports on the outcomes of the grant monies will be due after the end period of the grant.

Depending upon the length of the project and assessment methods, an interim report may be requested. Because GNSF hopes that these grants will spark innovation, and because innovation is not always immediately successful, we realize that not all projects will show immediate results. We hope to use the information from the outcome reports to improve our selection process and your success.

GNSF will report to the school district and the public after each funding cycle about the impact of its grants. These reports will use text provided by the teachers in their grant applications.

Grant proposals are reviewed by the GNSF Mini-Grant committee, and recommendations are made to the full GNSF Board for their final approval.

If you have questions, please contact Amy Blanchard, GNSF Board Secretary, by phone at (641) 236-5518, or by email at

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