Letter of Support for Graduate Students
Dear President Bollinger and Mr. Coatsworth:

We, current and former undergraduate students at Columbia and Barnard, are in solidarity with graduate student workers at Columbia University who want to unionize.

As undergraduates who benefit from graduate student labor, we believe graduate student workers deserve fair and timely compensation, protection from harassment, and safe working conditions. If graduate student workers feel unionization is the way to achieve those things, we fully support their efforts to unionize. We further reject any attempt by the Columbia University administration to prohibit or dissuade workers from unionizing.

We do not believe we can achieve our "highest levels of intellectual accomplishment and personal fulfillment" if the workers who are the very fabric of our University are not given the full rights and protections they deserve. The strength of our community relies upon the fair treatment of all workers, including graduate students.

Columbia can do better.



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