NAS Surrey Branch Social Interests Survey
Branch volunteers are considering organising occasional events for young people with autism to meet up, to share mutual interests. Please complete the following questions to help us understand what activities would be most popular. Do feel free to complete the form more than once if you would like to share the interests and needs of more than one young person. Many thanks!

Please note that survey submissions will only be viewed online by NAS Surrey Branch Committee members.

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1. How old is your young person with autism who might benefit from a social interest group?
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2. Please state gender (or the gender the young person identifies as)
3. What interests does your young person have that could be a suitable focus for a group, i.e. gaming, cooking, music etc.
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4. Social interest groups are most likely to be located in the larger towns in Surrey. Could you/your person travel to the following towns for a social group? (Please tick all that apply)
5. Would you be willing to help with the organising of a social group? (If yes, please give your name and email address above)
6. Any other comments? Please add any details about your preferences for groups and locations here:
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