Training in the operation of a solid biomass heating plant
As (future) solid biomass heating plant farmer, rank the following skills and knowledge from useless (1) to essential (5).
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Technic (installations)
- heating, hydraulics, district heating network, mains operation, transfer stations: Knowledge about the main parts
- electrical, measuring, control and regulation technology: function of different available systems in the field
- boiler technology: comparison and differentiation of systems, selection and adjustment according to frame conditions
- conveyor technology: comparison and differentiation of systems, selection and adjustment according to frame conditions
Operation management
- maintenance: effort, intervals, to do, check lists, important things, possible dangers
- monitoring, quality managment, benchmark, plant optimisation: from data recording to optimisation steps
- health and safety precautions: avoid accidents and sanitariy health risks
- fire prevention: structural and operational measures
- troubleshooting: detect malfunction and initiate fault correction
- financing: business plan, subsidies, investment, insurance (how to build a financial save basement for long therm sustainable operation)
- business administration: accounting, controlling, reporting (assistance to develop and run business administration)
- business development: marketing / customer acquisition, loyalty and satisfaction (assistance to develop and run business administration)
Raw material
- raw material sources: possible raw material sources and their characteristics
- wood preparation for wood chips production: preparation and treatment of raw material
- logistics: different logistic solutions and their evaluation
- fuel quality and quantity measurement, fuel purchasing: systems in the field, their evaluation
- wood and biomass market: development on the biomass market
- residue Management / ash utilization: treatment of residues
- contract law : financing, lease, easement, raw material supply, community, heat supply contracts... (contracts for the operation)
- legal entity, liability issues: available legal entities, their evaluation and suitability
- construction and plant permission: how to gain permissions, factors to take care of
- labor and social insurance law: for farmers insured and not insured activities, corresponding measures
- waste legislation: proper residue management
- tax law: different value-added tax rates
- documentation for authorities: to fulfil permission and proof compliant operation
- privacy regulation
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